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Flights are available with El Al Israel Airlines as well as other international carriers from many major airports around the world. It is recommended to book your international air travel to/from Ben Gurion International Airport with your local travel agent and/or on the internet.



Taxis to Jerusalem are available outside of the Arrivals Hall (Level G) of Ben Gurion Airport (TLV). The trip to Jerusalem will cost approximately 270-350 New Israeli Shekel (US$ 70-90) and the average trip is about 30 – 45 minutes.


Please contact the hospitality desk in order to arrange a transfer from your hotel to Ben-Gurion Airport.
The cost for a private pre-booked transfer is approximately 480 NIS (US$ 125).



A shared shuttle service is available to Jerusalem through a service called NESHER. The cost for the shuttle is approximately 64 Shekels (US$ 17) per person. There may be a short waiting time as the shuttle will only depart the airport once it is full. Passengers should advise the driver of the name of the hotel that they need to be dropped off at.


The NESHER shuttle to Ben Gurion Airport may be booked at your hotel reception desk.


A train runs between Ben Gurion International Airport and Itzhak Navon station in Jerusalem, Sunday-Thursday and Saturday night.

The duration of the trip is 25 minutes and the fare is 17 NIS.

A new high-speed train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem also now operates with one stop in the middle at the airport. Now, transport between the airport and Jerusalem Yitzhak Navon Station in central Jerusalem is just over 20 minutes.

To see the train timetable, visit the Israel Railways website.


The shuttle bus from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem (#485) is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (excluding Shabbat, i.e Friday afternoon to Saturday night).


The fare is 16 NIS and may only be paid in cash. 

Generally, it departs hourly during this time, and runs to several central points in Jerusalem, including Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station. The journey time to Jerusalem is approximately 1 hour. The central drop-off in Jerusalem avoids the city’s heavy traffic. While exiting the bus, you can easily transfer to the Light Rail or a local bus. You can grab a local taxi to anywhere in the city. These are all significantly cheaper than a taxi from the airport to Jerusalem.


At the airport, the bus can be found on Level G near the train station.


Name of bus: Afikim 485

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